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Why do I need Emergency Oxygen?

Posted on: 14-10-2016

In the list of items that might be on your shopping list today I doubt very much that Emergency Oxygen is listed.  The interesting conundrum we find ourselves is that as populations continue to rise our reliance on government provided services increases and always seems to lag behind.  Take the recently published article "Two Home Invasions, Two Families Who Waited on Hold With 911" in the Voice of San Diego, May 2, 2016.  You can read the entire article by clicking the following link: http://www.voiceofsandiego.. Read more...

5.9 Million Babies Die at Birth Every Year – 35% Could be saved with Oxygen!

Posted on: 14-04-2016

In February of 2016 the World Health Organization published a position paper on Oxygen Therapy for Children.  There are a number of concerning statistics offered up by their report that are of particular interest: 5.9 million children die annually, mostly from preventable or easily treatable diseases more than 95% of those deaths occur in developing countries Pneumonia is the leading cause of death in children under 5 years of age Hypoxaemia (insufficient oxygen in the blood) is the major fatal complication of pneumonia The report goes on to state the following: . Read more...