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Why Lifeflo Created the Lifeflo OTC Emergency Oxygen Generation System

Oxygen delivery devices have traditionally been prohibitively expensive, too complicated for non-professionals to operate, or too dangerous for home use. Lifeflo Oxygen seeks to change that with the introduction of a revolutionary new technology that will make emergency oxygen delivery readily available worldwide.

Our immediate goal is to supply life-saving emergency oxygen to every household in the US, then to expand worldwide to provide oxygen generation systems to impoverished rural zones and developing areas. The World Health Organization has estimated that providing oxygen immediately after birth could result in a 35% reduction in newborn mortality, which means readily-available oxygen devices could save the lives of more than 2 million babies per year. They were therefore excited to begin working with non-governmental organizations to help bring Lifeflo Oxygen to the areas in the world that need it the most.

Lifeflo OTC Emergency Oxygen devices are simple to operate, safe, affordable, and easy to ship and store. Using technology developed over 5 years with input from NASA scientists, emergency medical professionals, and US military experts, Lifeflo aims to provide every household with affordable life-saving emergency oxygen that anyone can administer. Because Lifeflo Oxygen is FDC approved for over-the-counter (OTC) and home use without the supervision of a doctor, it is a safe and viable option for anyone seeking to be more prepared for life-threatening medical emergencies.

How It Works

Lifeflo OTC Emergency Oxygen is a self-contained oxygen generating system. By employing the chemistry of oxygen creation, Lifeflo makes it possible to create emergency oxygen anywhere on Earth with nothing but water. You simply pour water into the oxygen generation bag, attach the dosing cap, and press it down to begin generating oxygen for emergency use. Within 60 seconds, 99% pure oxygen will begin to flow and will last for 15-20 minutes while you await the arrival of emergency responders.

The average response time of emergency services in the US is 12-15 minutes, Lifeflo Oxygen can provide safe, affordable, life-saving oxygen that is simple to administer in the critical period between a medical emergency and the arrival of emergency medical personnel.

Simple Instructions for Generating and Administering Life-saving Emergency Oxygen

1) Remove the Lifeflo OTC Emergency Oxygen system from its package and place it on a flat surface, then remove the usage instructions from the pouch on the back of the package.

2) Remove the oxygen cannula (the thin, clear tube you may have seen on television when patients receive oxygen through their noses), the dosing cap that activates oxygen production, and the water storage bag from the package. Remove the protective seal from the oxygen generation bag and pour the water into the bag, making sure that all of the water goes into the bag.

3) Attach the dosing cap and activate it by pressing the center of the cap. Then, firmly tap the dosing cap 3-4 times. The oxygen generation bag is now creating emergency oxygen.

4) Attach the oxygen cannula securely to the port on the oxygen generation bag and check to make sure oxygen is flowing by holding it up to your nose or ear. Oxygen will flow through the cannula automatically. Finally, administer oxygen to the patient by placing the cannula carefully to ensure that the two openings are positioned in the nostrils. The system will provide 99% pure oxygen for 15-20 minutes.